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Amplifier Module brief´╝Ü

The trend of the amplifier is miniaturization in the future, and will eliminate the large and heavy amplifier, thus, KOBBLE has developed several active module series, which using the SMPS plus CLASS-D technology, to make users easily choose according to their demands. The features are as below:
1. Efficient unique PWM modulation technique.
2. Using 1R large capacitor 1R FET.
3. Using Zero-voltage, zero-current and soft switching SMPS power supply.
4. Ultra-low standby power consumption.
5. Independent power supply is used for control.
6. Temperature-controlled fan circuit.
7. Using shrapnel tube pressing technology.
8. High-performance magnetic filter imports.
9. Aluminum incrustation, be artistic and easy for cooling.
10. Full power coverage to meet different users’ demand.
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