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Active Amplifier brief:

KOBBLE active series digital amplifier is a versatile product, which applies to active speaker and amplifier’s development.
Now there provide 8 kinds for choice—the width active series digital amplifier module is only 120 mm, which be with the perfect performances of small size but high output power and low thermal value.
Active series module adopts the second generation Class-D audio power amplifier technology, with graceful tone, perfect protection functions and high stability, can adapts to all kinds of complex environments.
Active series module provides abundant interface for external and the second development is flexible and convenient, including balance/unbalance audio input, 110V/220V power supply input, module working temperature and condition indication, external mute function, remote switch off function, abundant power supply output and so on. Active series module is with high overall efficiency, high power density excellent audio technical indexes, which achieves to combine the technology of high efficiency SMPS amplifier and digital amplifier perfectly.
It can be widely used in various types of plastic speaker, traditional wooden speaker and amplifier designs
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