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SMPS Amplifier brief:

KOBBLE has set up special power R&D center in 2008, which specializes in special high-frequency SMPS research, design and manufacture. The center has a R&D team with high level of theory and strong practical ability.
SMPS products divide into two categories: one is dedicated to the development of new, professional and sophisticated special power supply, mainly apply in aviation, shipping, scientific research, electricity, railways and other units, and it has already deeply engaged in civil aviation power development now.
Second is dedicated to audio power amplifier for supporting the development of high-frequency switching mode power supply to meet the audio large dynamic power requirements, and reach high reliability and efficiency.
KOBBLE SMPS R&D team has a certain achievement in the aspect of LLC resonance oscillation circuit, PFC switching circuits, Soft-switching technology and other multiple technical.
1. Unique closed-loop location design, which very good to support audio features.
2. LLC resonance oscillation bridge technology, which greatly improve the output power.
3. Strict testing to avoid faults.
4. Special capacitor better to support the audio features.
5. The products cover from low-power to high-power to make users choose more conveniently.
6. Fast and coupled design to meet users’ products development.
7. Stability and EMI assessments are leading in the design which make users can use at ease.
8. Built-in EMI filter.
9. Short circuit protection function.
10. Overload protection function.
11. Overvoltage protection.
12. Under-voltage protection
13. Overheat protection.
14. Special soft magnetism element.
15. Famous brand FET.
16. Ultra-low standby power consumption.
17. High output efficiency.
18. Large density of transient energy, especially for audio products.
SMPS amplifier is with lightweight body, but be with amazing power performances. A series, AK series and AK-DSP series can be configured in any amplifying systems, providing more choices for a variety of touring performances.
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