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Processor brief´╝Ü

1.DS4080 is 4 high balanced input, 8 ways balanced output.
2.96kH sampling rate |, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit AD / DA conversion
3. Input processing section includes gain, mute, LINK, high cut, low cut, 9pcs parameter equalizers, 3pcs dynamic EQ, phase and time-delay.
4. Input processing section includes frequency division, 10pcs parametric equalizers, gain, mute, compression limiter, phase, time-delay and LINK.
5. Can be freely allocated as Matrix way among all the input and output
6. All frequency, gain and bandwidth of the parametric equalizer can be adjusted, the type selections: PEAK, H-SHELF, L-SHELF, Low cut and High cut
7. The type selection of all high cut, low cut, filter, crossover: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel, the slew rate can be selected between -6dB / Oct to -48dB / Oct.
8. All PEQ are with phase adjustment function
9. The threshold, ratio, start time and recovery time narrow road of all compression / limiter can be continuously adjusted.
10. The parameters of all input and output can be continuously adjusted.
11. All time-delay modules have up to 682ms time-delay. Stride is 0.021ms.
12. Parameter settings can be freely copied among any channel, with built-in test signal generator.
13. Input and output of the panel are with 5-band high-precision electrical level LED, key guidelines LED operation, and with password protection function.
14.32pcs user’s presets, one product original preset, machine parameters and individual preset files all can be stored separately and call. With PC operation software.
15. One key online to make users operate more conveniently and quickly. Can control via USB or RS232 port and can achieve to remotely and timing control up to 256pcs cascade stages via RS485 way.
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