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KOBBLE was established in 1998 and is a modern enterprise, which specializes in R&D and production and sales of electro-acoustic and video products.
The main products are: electronic electro-acoustic equipments: professional amplifier, DSP module, active module, professional speaker, speaker processor, and karaoke OK pre etc. and video equipments: TV, large screen, and projector etc..
KOBBLE purchased 45000㎡ land in Foshan City to construct modern factory and living quarters, equips with advanced automated assembly line. KOBBLE consists of a number of subsidiaries and affiliates.
Persistent R&D investment, strong R&D ability, innovative and advanced technology concepts to make KOBBLE reach the international advanced level in the field of R&D and production of the world electronic electro-acoustic, and own multiple core technology patents. 
KOBBLE products continue to pass each certification. KOBBLE owns a number of national patent technologies, and become the designated audio industry standard drafting unit by China Audio Industry Association.
In the era of e+, KOBBLE is keeping up with the times -- develops a variety of consumer high-tech products for present era, and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises.
KOBBLE attaches great importance to the network business model, network products interaction management, network human resource and production management of the Internet era.
KOBBLE adheres the “Persistent Technology, Innovation and Development "enterprise philosophy and business develop steadily. KOBBLE is moving forward to the diversification and grouping direction from the production and marketing of single electronic electro-acoustic equipments direction.
Nearly two decades of hard work and accumulated precipitation, KOBBLE products sell well around the world. KOBBLE and app brands have been as a priority cooperation and strategic co-brand for a lot of the western well-known audio companies, to become a pride of national brands.
Productions has introduced an advanced flexible production systems in existing mature production line, to make the lean production work in-depth will endure further, and strive to make KOBBLE step into the international advanced enterprises list as soon as possible.
KOBBLE advocates to carry forward the spirit of housekeeper, continue to improve the service level and service the customer honestly. 2016 will be an extraordinary year, KOBBLE decides to play a strong R&D capability and advanced automatic production line, and be with innovative business attitude of cooperation, to create platform as one set of the development, production and sales of audio and video products, to achieve a organism combination of products, markets and users in China market, to create a new model of win-win cooperation.
In the future - we will make and create more system solutions, will bring wonderful audition enjoy to thousands of families!
Corporate Philosophy
Persistent technology, Innovation and development
Adhere to excellent quality, Pursuit of more attractive sound
Corporate Spirit
Sincerity: Sincerity and enthusiasm & Enjoying global prestige
Innovation: Sagacity and exploration & Forging the future through innovation
Study: Meditation and hard study & Studying in order to practice
Solidarity: Devotion hand in hand & Seeking the same dream