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Digital Amplifier brief:

Apply the advanced SMPS circuit and APFC design to provide a real globally applicable power supply with extremely high efficiency. The APFC power supply provides a circuit power factor up to 0.99 for this machine. As for SMPS, soft switch mode of zero voltage and zero current work more stable and higher efficiency, which achieve green power supplies with low harmonic wave, high efficiency and high power factor. 
As for the digital power amplification, CLASS D series are also remarkable. Music signals get more complete digital signal through the new modulation, and can provide complete sampling way for some tiny signal sampling. In addition, by greatly reducing the fixed switching frequency to make the heat which generate during the operation smaller to greatly improves the efficiency. At the same time, the static power consumption will reduce greatly according.
As for the circuit protection, solves the difficult problem which our industry cannot solve in this field -- high frequency short circuit judgment. The unique circuit which design through a lot of experiments and improvement to make the CLASS D series amplifiers more stable. And we outshine others for this technology. In addition, it bears many merits, such as the power protection, current overload protection, over-voltage protection, temperature control, DC protection, clip limiting and VHF protection, as well as the automatic temperature control fan system, its high cost is the customer more determined choice.
In DSP technology, CLASS D has many new applications. We provide the design with the network function for the user. Though the RS485 adjusting function and DSP processing, only need to use the PC software which design for the amplifier function, you can easily control the on line amplifier.
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