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  • AK Series

  • Product type: SMPS Amplifier Product

    Model: AK

  • AK series performance overview AK series is with a small volume, high power and extremely high cost performance. AK series adopts the design of switching power supply circuit to allow more current to be used for producing effective audio frequency power. AK series is applicable for all occasions, and can provide you the excellent tone quality whichever power you select.
  • Product in kind prevail, specifications maybe change without notice.
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The following information is only for this product series, the details of this product features please refer to the specification parameters.
Product manual
AK "Product manual"introduction:

Manual description

Product manual has introduced the structure specifications, maintenance and others of the product in details, please read this manual carefully. When finish reading, please keep instruction manual in safe for future reference. Please keep the purchase invoice and warranty card in safe, which is an important basis for the maintenance services.

Please check whether the power supply has a good grounding protection before use, so as to ensure your safe use. We will not be responsible for the problems arising if you do not comply with this manual.