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New DK series launch
app engineers have launched new DK series which has 2 channels (model: DK2150, DK2250 and DK2350), 4 channels(model: DK4150, DK4250 and DK4350) and 8 channels(model: DK8150, DK8250 and DK8350) in 2016.
DK series has also been designed each 3 models 5.1 channel (model: DK5150, DK5250 and DK5350) and 7.1 channel (model: DK7150, DK7250 and DK7350) for cinema.
DK 2 channels can be freely permuted and combined because of light cabinet and can meet the various occasions. And it has excellent cooling characteristic.
The appearance of DK series has been used a special panel structure with more stereoscopic sense. And it has excellent cooling characteristic.
DK series has a high efficient signal transfer characteristic, so that the THD, SMPTE-IM and TIM will reduce to a minimum. This feature makes the tone of DK series warm and clear.

Writing time: 03-31 12:05
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